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Printed Chocolate Bar - Personalised DIY Teachers Card Kit

Printed Chocolate Bar - Personalised DIY Teachers Card Kit

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We believe the teachers are real heroes and every teacher deserves appreciations "Thank you" gift.

If you believe your child's teacher would enjoy a crafty personalised gift, than this chocolate kit is for you.

This chocolate kit is a unique and quirky gift like no others and it's a great alternative to the traditional paper Thank You Card.

This Melt and Decorate Chocolate Kit is packed in a beautiful Gift Box  and contains everything what is needed for your teacher to enjoy learning how to make indulgent Belgian Chocolate Bar, like a real chocolatier.

The Fun will not stop just with learning a new skill, he or she will enjoy tasting her/ his very own chocolate bar of white and milk chocolate and with every bite your favourite teacher will read again and again your appreciation Thank you message.

 Give this year your teacher a Thank You card, which he/ she will remember forever.

* At the Check out do not forget to Enter the Teacher's name or your very personal Thank you message.


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What makes our kits amazing?

- You will help your children to apreciate more the chocolate.

- They can learn and be creative in a fun way.

- This kit boost the fine motor skills

- Every child will be amazed how easy the picture will be printed on his chocolate.

What is included

The kit includes:

- your chosen edible picture - A6 size

- white Belgian chocolate chips

- milk Belgian Chocolate chips

- rainbow sprinkles

- Instructions card


This kit contains Milk Powder.

Baking Experience Level

This Kit is suitable for Beginners and it's kids Friendly.

Shelf Life

All Baking Kits are made to order. This allows us to pack always fresh and long shelf time ingredients.

Our Shelf Time is: 6 Months


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