Health and Safety Policy for Bake N Play Cookery Club


  1. Statement of Intent: At Bake N Play Cookery Club, we are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all children, staff, and visitors. We recognize our duty of care and the importance of maintaining high standards of health and safety in all our activities. This policy outlines our commitment to identifying and minimizing risks, promoting a safety-first culture, and complying with relevant health and safety legislation.

  2. Responsibilities:

  3. 2.1 Management: The management of Bake N Play Cookery Club is responsible for providing adequate resources, training, and support to ensure effective health and safety practices within the club.

2.2 Staff: All staff members have a responsibility to follow health and safety guidelines, report hazards, and take appropriate action to prevent accidents and injuries.

2.3 Parents/Guardians: Parents and guardians are encouraged to inform the club of any health or medical conditions that may affect their child's participation in club activities.

  1. Risk Assessment:

    3.1 Regular Risk Assessments: We conduct comprehensive risk assessments of the premises, equipment, and activities to identify potential hazards and implement appropriate control measures.

3.2 Hazards Mitigation: Where hazards are identified, we take prompt action to eliminate or minimize risks to an acceptable level. This includes providing suitable safety equipment, ensuring adequate supervision, and implementing safe practices.

  1. Premises and Equipment:

    4.1 Safety of Premises: Our premises are regularly inspected to ensure they meet health and safety standards. We maintain a clean and well-organized environment, free from potential hazards.

4.2 Safe Use of Equipment: All equipment used in the after-school club is regularly inspected and maintained. Staff and children are trained in the safe and proper use of equipment.

  1. First Aid and Medical Provision:

    5.1 First Aid Kits: First aid kits are readily available on-site and regularly checked and replenished.

5.2 Medical Conditions: Staff are made aware of any children with medical conditions and appropriate procedures are put in place to manage these conditions effectively.

  1. Fire Safety: 6.1 Fire Risk Assessment: We have conducted a fire risk assessment and developed an emergency evacuation plan.

6.2 Fire Drills: Regular fire drills are conducted to familiarize staff and children with evacuation procedures.

  1. Health and Hygiene:

  2. 7.1 Personal Hygiene: We promote good personal hygiene practices among staff and children, including regular handwashing.

7.2 Illness Management: Children who are unwell are not allowed to attend the after-school club to prevent the spread of contagious illnesses.

  1. Safeguarding:

  2. 8.1 Child Protection: We have a robust safeguarding policy in place to protect children from harm, abuse, or neglect.

8.2 Reporting Concerns: All staff members are trained to recognize signs of abuse and know how to report concerns following the club's safeguarding procedures.

  1. Training and Information: All staff members receive appropriate health and safety training. Updates and relevant information are communicated regularly to staff and parents/guardians.

  2. Review: This Health and Safety Policy is regularly reviewed to ensure its effectiveness and compliance with any changes in legislation or best practices.

Bake N Play Cookery Club is committed to fostering a safe and nurturing environment where children can learn, play, and grow with confidence.