Five Reasons to Buy from Us!

Our Customers are our Family!

We treat each customer as part of our Family. We treat each customer the same way how we treat our Family members - with love, support, full attention and loyalty. We want your online shopping with us to be a bespoke experience for you.

Our Baking kits are Kids Friendly!

We want you as a parent to enjoy Stress FREE your Family Baking Experience. Our Recipes are carefully selected and adapted to match children's abilities. For more Info please check our Product Pages under the Baking Level Section.

Made to Order! Packed by hand!

Every Christmas, birthday, anniversary and special occasion, everyone of us carefully choose and offer gifts to his loved ones. We are giving gifts to show our love and devotion. With us you can choose the Gift that keeps on Giving. We will make it personal and unique to the lucky person. We want to give you the confidence that when they receive your gift they will feel special and loved by you.

We are Visual Learners! Our Baking Kits includes Video Recipes.

Inspired of our in Person Baking Classes we moved from Paper Recipe Cards to Video Recipe Instructions. The Practice shows, that we learn better when we see the instructions instead of reading them.

Award Winner

We are proudly awarded by SME News, as the Best Baking After School Club in 2022. We are confident with what we teach and how we teach.