Monthly Subscription Boxes

Monthly Baking Boxes

Our mission is to help children (and grown-ups) adopt healthier eating and living habits. We focus on healthy baking, but we know that life gets a little bit more exciting when you add a pinch of sugar once in a while. 

Our Monthly Baking Boxes are for people and families, who already have a healthy diet and allow themselves a treat sometimes. 

Our subscription boxes are designed to match your level and interest in baking. Depends on the Package you choose children will have the chance to make either indulgent recipes to share with their families and friends or healthy recipes to make as a part of their school lunch or after school snack.

They could be used as a reward activity for children's achievements, or a celebration event at home.   

If you have a toddler or a young child, this could be the perfect opportunity to bond while doing something together. Furthermore, you will be helping them learn life skills and build healthy habits.

Older children would enjoy a creative, fun and tasty activity, teaching them science, maths and important life skills.

We will send you your box every month, but you can save money by choosing a longer duration plan. 

To choose your monthly plan please visit our store and choose the Monthly Subscription Boxes Collection.