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Monthly Baking Subscription Boxes right to your Doorstep

Learn a new recipe every month and turn your Kitchen into a Fun Bakery!

This club is made for kids and all recipes are carefully selected to fit the children's needs and abilities. 

Choose a Prepaid Plan from £8.99 a Month with a Free Delivery for a very limited time only.


When joining our Baking Club, every month you will receive a new baking subscription box with a new recipe.  

The Box contains all dry ingredients (preweighed and labelled), a step-by-step recipe to follow, a personalised welcome card and a few handy baking extras (e.g. baking paper, tin).


How it Works

Choose a plan

1 Month

£11.99 per box

Cancel Renewal Any Time

3 Month

£10.99 per box

Cancel Renewal Any Time

6 Month

£8.99 per box

Cancel Renewal Any Time

Receive the Box

Each month you will receive a baking kit box with a Step by Step Recipe Card any child can follow. We keep our Monthly Recipe in a secret, just to make it more exciting.

In our Recipe we use brown sugar or other healthy sugar substitutes like honey, maple syrup, agave syrup etc...

The Flour - we use White or Wholegrain Flour.

Start Baking

Once we dispatch your Baking Kit we will send you an email with the ingredients you need to supply to be able  to start baking straight after you receive your Box. 
We send your baking kit twice a month, usually around the 5th and the 15th of each month. If you like to get your Subscription box this month you need to place an order until the 10th of the month.

Gift Boxes

Our Ready Made Baking Kits with Rich Brownies, Cupcakes or Cookies are a perfect gift for any baking lovers. You can ask us to send the box straight to the lucky child and we will do the rest. Giving is an Art. Say Happy Birthday in an unique way.

Our Billing Plans

1 Month Plan


£11.99 per box

Cancel Renewal Any Time

3 Month Plan



£10.99 per box

£ 32.99 in total

Cancel Renewal Any Time

6 Month Plan


£8.99 per box

£ 53.99 in total

Cancel Renewal Any Time

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— Leah 

— Marie

“My son loves baking. Finally we found a teacher who teach what really stands behind baking. He now loves to try the Monthly Subscription Healthy Box”

— Aya

“I have subscribed to the Baking Club. I love the idea of learning through baking”

— Lisa

“The three-year-old son was very happy with his first experience. Thank you for having a great time”

"Wonderful cooking class with a warm and engaging teacher. This class has got my daughter much more engaged with cooking and ingredients-can’t reccomend highly enough


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