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Easter Bunny Cookies DIY Kit - Make and Decorate from scratch.

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Make and decorate from scratch your very own Easter Cookies. 

This DIY baking Kit could be personalised with a personal message note and is ideal Eater Gift Box for Boys and Girls.

The baking kit contains:
- all dry ingredients to make approx 40 gingerbread cookies
- Template to cut out Easter cookie shapes;bunny, flower, egg, chick, carrot
- sprinkles for decoration
- 3 x piping bags with icing for decoration: white/ yellow / pink or blue
- recipe card with instructions to follow
- baking paper

You need only:
Molasses/ Treacle

Please note: 

- If you like to decorate your cookies in a  1 week  after you purchase the cookie box you can order ready mixed decorating icing. It comes ready coloured royal icing in a piping bag. Shelf time 5 days: keep in the fridge / 

- If you like to decorate your cookies close to Easter please choose the dry icing mixture. It comes with all dry ingredients in a bag; food colouring packed in a small bags; piping bags. You just need to follow the instructions to mix it. Shelf time 6 Months 


PLEASE NOTE: The latest dispatch for Easter Delivery will be on Wednesday 31.03.21 . Everything purchased after 31.03.21 will arrive after Easter