Mermaid Cupcake Kit Box - Make your own 12 cupcakes w/ cake mix. Mermaid toppers

Our Mermaid Cupcake Set is ideal Birthday gift for a girl. 
This Baking Kit can be turned into a personalised Gift Box for a mermaid fan or anyone who loves baking.
The cupcake kit and the recipe instructions are designed with very easy and clear instructions to make this baking box a kids friendly experience.
We can send a gift on your behalf to your loved ones. Tell us your message and we will make sure to send your love to the lucky girl .

The Cupcake Mix is for 12 Cupcakes.
The Baking Kit contains:

Personalised Message. 
Pre weighed dry ingredients, which makes the whole process much easier for any Age. You need to add only Eggs, Milk and Butter.
Pre weighed ingredients for the Buttercream.
Food Colours
Mermaid tails toppers - 12, please note the colours may vary from the pictures
Handy Baking Extras. like Cupcake Cases, Piping Bag, Nozzle
Step by Step Recipe Cards

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the recipe contains EGGS, GLUTEN, DAIRY PRODUCTS.


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