Make your own Unicorn Cake out of a Baking Mix, DIY Cake Box Kit

Make your own Unicorn Cake out of a Cake Mix, With this DIY Cake Box Kit the birthday girl can have an unforgettable cake making experience for her Birthday. Unicorn Cake Toppers are included - Horn, Ears, some flowers. Our Unicorn Cake Mix Baking Kit is ideal Birthday present for any unicorn lovers. Send a Personalised Birthday Gift to a unicorn fan.We can send a gift on your behalf to your loved ones and we will include your personalised Birthday message. The Unicorn Cake Baking Kit is a perfect treat for any crafty child. This DIY Cake Box contains everything you need to make your own unicorn cake to feed 6-8 people. You will need only Eggs, Milk and Butter.The Unicorn Cake Kit contains:- Personalised Message ( please enter your message) - Pre weighed dry ingredients, which makes the whole process much easier for any Age. You will make 4 cake layers.- Pre weighed dry ingredients for the Buttercream.- One food colour.- Unicorn Toppers - Unicorn Horn, Ears, flowers- Handy Baking Extras - like Baking Tins, Piping Bags, Nozzle, cake board- Step by Step Recipe CardsNow baking from scratch is much easier with our DIY baking mixes and kits.Check out our full range of Baking Kits



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