Letter from Santa

Letter from Santa

This Christmas is like no other. And staying together has never been more important. With all the uncertainty and constant changes, we need at least the little things to stay the same. Christmas may be different, but its spirit won’t be lost! Together with Teach Me How to Biz, we at Dolce Senso Baking Academy decided to keep the Christmas magic alive and help those who are in need of a miracle the most. We are proud to announce our “A Letter from Santa” charity campaign. All profits from the sale of personalised letters from Santa to your child on Dolce Senso’s website will be donated to Evelina London Children’s Hospital, part of St Thomas’ Hospital. What you get: - a personalised letter from Father Christmas addressed to your child. You can specify everything marked in red to match with your child's features, preferences and tasks to work on. - an enchanted Christmas wish list for your child to complete with their wishes, reflect on the good things they did through the year and set new goals for the future. - a second letter, addressed to your child to confirm the receipt of the wish list and encourage children for the good choices they have made and continue to make. - a separate letter, addressed to you, containing a certificate for your child for being nice all year around. We suggest you place the certificate under the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve as if it were left by Santa. Please add your personalisation notes in the Custom Field Box. By purchasing Letters from Santa you will put a smile on the face of your child and sick children who will need to spend the holidays in hospital. Together we can keep the magic of Christmas alive and spread the spirit of love beyond our family and friends. For UK Businesses: If you like the idea of the campaign, you can join us! All you need to do is pick a local children’s hospital to support and message us for details how you can take part and raise money for your hospital.


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