Hug in a Bag - Hot Chocolate Gift Set for Her/ Him

Hug in a Bag - Hot Chocolate Gift Set for Her/ Him

A bottle full with delicious luxury finest Belgian Hot Chocolate, topped with Marshmallow and Chocolate Blossom Sprinkles.
Just add Hot milk and stir the hot chocolate powder into. After a minute you will have a rich indulgent drink to warm you up in this cold winter.  


Our Hug in a Bag contains: 

a bottle of hot chocolate powder

a bag with Belgian Callebaut Chocolate Blossom 

a bag with Marshmallows

a mini Love Card


We would like to offer you also our Indulgent Hug in a Bag Gift Set Options:

a bottle of white chocolate powder/ a selection of dry Rose Petals/ Marshmallow leafs/ Raspberry leafs / Cardamom./a 20ml Baileys bottle/Chocolate Blossom/ Marshmallow/ mini love card

- Aztec Hot Chocolate Flavour:

20ml Grand Marnier Liqueur /  a bottle of milk chocolate powder/ cinnamon stick, anise, hot chilli powder, cloves.



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