Father's Day Gift from daughter / son Choc Chip cookie Kit

Father's Day Gift from daughter / son Choc Chip cookie Kit

This year are you looking for the perfect gift from daughter or son for their Super Hero Dad? You are on the right place.
With our Chocolate Chip Cookie Kit Baking Box your children will not just give sweets to their dad. They will give him an unforgettable time, which will last forever in his memories.
Our Chocolate Chip Cookie Baking Set include:
- all dry ingredients
- high quality Belgian dark chocolate.
- baking Paper
- video tutorial 
- recipe card
The cookie mix sets are letterbox friendly, that's mean you will not miss your delivery :)

The Baking Kit contains:

  • Pre weighed dry ingredients, which makes The Baking much easier for any Age. You need to add only the Fresh ones.
  • Handy Baking Extras
  • Step by Step Recipe Card
  • Child Friendly video tutorial, which turns the whole process into fun and the child will learn many new things while baking.


  • Allergy

    Not suitable for People with Gluten, Dairy, Eggs Allergy. The Products are stored in Gluten and Nuts environment. We are very careful with the  contamination process, but If you have any allergy, before you place an order please talk to us info@dolcesenso.co.uk


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