Easter DIY Cupcake Kit

Easter DIY Cupcake Kit

This Year Easter will be unforgettable!
Our  Easter DIY Cupcake Kit will bring unlimited Fun Baking Time for the whole Family. 

The DIY Cupcake Kit includes everything what you will need to make 12 delicious and Yummy Cupcakes for your Easter. 
- all dry and premeasured ingredients for the cupcakes
- all dry and premeasured ingredients for the buttercream / our buttercream contains 3x Less Sugar/ which is much healthier 
- 50g Chocolate blossom
- a bag with 30 mini Chocolate Eggs
- cupcake cases / colours may vary / 
- piping bag
- easy to follow recipe card instruction

You need to add only: Eggs, Butter and Milk.

Please note: Our Easter Cupcake Kit contains only dry ingredients, which make the Set with very long  shelf time. You can buy it now and make the cupcakes around Easter


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