DIY Cookie Decorating Kit for Kids/Crafty Kids / Personalised Gift / Fun Family

Our DIY Cookie Decorating Kit for Kids is ideal present for Crafty Kids. 
Fun Family Time. Do it yourself/ Kids Baking

This Cookie Decorating Kit can be turned into a personalised Gift Box for a girl or boy.
We can send a gift on your behalf to your loved ones. Tell us your message and we will make sure to send your love to the lucky boy /girl
The lucky kid will absolutely love our Do it yourself cookie decorating kit.  
They will have not just a fun craft time, but they will make their own beautiful cookies.
We promise the kids will enjoy their craft time.
Our cookies are made to order 
The box contain 10 cookies
4 Royal Icing Colours in a piping Bag
Please note the colours may slightly vary 

Please choose from the different designs


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