What are PYO cookies and why is this the best kids activity this Autumn?

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Painting is a really fun activity, right? But have you ever heard of Print Your Own Cookies or PYO cookie term? If no, then you learned something new today! Paint Your Own Cookie or PYO is a new way of decorating and painting cookies with attractive edible paint. If you want to learn how to paint cookie for yourself join Dolce Senso today for an amazing special PYO cookie and Baking Workshop . The best baking classes in West London!

Why painting a cookie? Well, colouring is one of children's favourite activities and they also happen to love cookies! The concept of painting a cookie revolves around decorating something that they can then eat. The process teaches them to paint and stimulates them to use their creativity. This autumn enjoy the sparkling grin of your child by enrolling them on our baking and painting classes!

PYO cookie is really the perfect autumn activity for children. Here are some practical reasons why:

● The weather is not too hot for kids and parents to stand in the kitchen for hours to prepare batter and dough.

● Autumn is the best time of year for a cup of tea and some delicious cookies.

● The season has a lot of fresh and dry fruits that you may use as ingredients to put a natural sweet flavour into your cookies.

● Use the autumn half term to help your child learn new life skills.

● Kids usually come up with great inventions and power up their creativity during holidays.

● Halloween is around the corner! Bake the cookies you are going to use as treats yourself!

Let's get creative! Join us for 90 minutes of Fun, Baking and Decorating, spooky, delicious cookies!

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