How to Throw A Fun And Delicious Birthday Party For Your Child?

Do your children love birthday parties? Are you planning to throw one for your kid? Every parent at some point in their life tasked the plan of throwing a birthday party of their children. If you are planning to throw one then you must include this check-list in your planning:

1. Set budget

2. Decide the venue and time

3. Make guest list

4. Select a theme

5. Find a Party Entertainer

6. Send invitations

7. Decide the menu

8. Find a baker to make your cake

9. Prepare goody bags

10. Prepare thank-you notes

Out of all the above-mentioned tasks, the most difficult yet interesting task is to decide what the theme of the party and to find the right party entertainer.

If you are stuck and you don't know how to surprise your little one, why don't you try Make your Own Cupcake Party.

This is a fun way how to engage the children and let them make, bake and taste their own party dessert.

To plan and organize this type of party you need: 1. Buy all the necessary ingredients/*** make sure they are plenty of those, because children love playing with foods*** /

2. Make sure you have pre weighed the ingredients or have enough scales for your guests.

3. Print the Recipes for everyone

4. Buy enough bowls, whisks, spoons, cupcake cases, cupcake tins,

5. We do advise to pre made your frosting, so the children will have more time for the decorating.

6. Fill the bags with the frosting and make sure you have enough and different piping nozzles for decorating

7. A real bonus will be if you buy some sprinkles and icing figures.

Oh Noooo . This is too much headache for you, but you love the idea of Make Your Own Cupcake Party. Don't worry!

We can help you make that party one your guests will remember for years to come.


Turn your Party into a FUN BAKERY with Dolce Senso!

We will come to your venue with all the necessary equipment to provide excellent and unique party experience. The children will make, bake and taste for 2 hours and when we are done, we'll take care of the mess, so you can relax and enjoy the company of your guests. 

Check our Packages and talk to us how we can take all the hassle from you.

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