HOW BAKING HELPS TO DEVELOP THE FIVE SENSES IN CHILDREN or I think is more accurate to say How I Started Using Baking with my Children to my Advantage?

My kids always found it interesting when I cooked and especially when I baked sweets – which is no wonder since most children have a sweet tooth. They would often offer to help me and at first, I was more inclined to saying “no”, however after a while I started looking at baking as an opportunity teach them something new and bond with them. I would like to share with you some of my experience and the things I discovered about how baking helps children to develop their five scenes: taste, smell, sight, hearing, and touch

Kids are adventures and love trying new things, including cooking ingredients. Let them see and try everything that goes into making a cookie such as – sugar, salt, even flower. This will encourage them to explore. Individual foods taste differently than when combined into one product. This way they can also learn the differences between sweet, salty, bitter and sour. Here is a trick I learned - introduce them to new ingredients (like cinnamon or coconut) and ask them questions about them. What does this look like? Is this apple sour or sweet? Are those strawberries crunchy or mushy? Does this pancake taste sweet enough?

There is a popular saying – people eat with their eyes. I happen to agree with this. The senses of smell and sight is closely related to the sense of taste. By allowing your kids to be involved in the cooking process you will encourage them to relate the taste of a product to the way it looks and smells. Another benefit of allowing your little ones to be involved in the kitchen is to help the small muscles development by stirring, shaking, beating etc.

When it comes to our children’s development, I believe that learning outside of school is just as important as the knowledge they are being thought in the classroom. A personal goal of mine is to transform the kitchen into more than just a place to eat. I strive to create an environment where children feel welcomed, loved and have some fun. This is one of many reasons why I started teaching my own baking classes. Why not have fun whilst you learn how to bake a healthy snack with Dolce Sesno Baking Classes!

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