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Unicorn Birthday Cake Topper/ Edible Cake Decoration Kit/

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With our Unicorn Cake Topper you can turn any cake into a masterpiece. The Unicorn Birthday Cake Decorating Kit includes: Unicorn Horn Unicorn Ears Royal Icing 3D flowers- 10pcs colours and size vary. If you want a specific colour please get in touch with us. You can order the Cake topper in different sizes to fit your Birthday Cake: Choose between: 4inch Unicorn horn 6inch Unicorn horn 7inch Unicorn horn If you like you can order extra flowers/ 10pcs / or sprinkles / please note the colour may vary/ Now you can order our unicorn cupcake toppers too - include horn and ears./ see picture / The Unicorn Cake Toppers are made of modeling sugar paste and painted with edible gold colour. All of our cake toppers are made to order and needs drying time. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR AN UNICORN CAKE KIT: