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Cookie Dough Pizza Kit - DIY Kids Baking Kit/Children's Gift /

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How does it sound cookies? - yum yum :) And what about yummy, chocolaty cookie pizza? Yes right - it sounds as a winning combination. Now with our Cookie Dough Baking Kit every child can go beyond the recipes and make their own style cookie pizza. The Biscuit Kit contains - Pre weighed dry ingredients for the cookie base, which makes the whole process much easier for any Age. / You can choose between gingerbread base or shortbread/ - Ingredients for the icing - Gel food colours - Belgian Chocolate - Marshmallow - Candies/ sprinkles - Handy Baking Extras like piping bags, tins - Step by Step Recipe Cards Add only:Eggs, Butter, Milk Each Cookie kit makes - 10/12 giant cookies Our Baking Kit is the ideal present for crafty kids, who love baking We can send a gift on your behalf to the lucky child. Tell us your message and we will make sure to send your love to your lucky friend. Now learn baking from scratch is much easier with our DIY baking mixes and kits for kids. ALLERGY: the recipe contains , GLUTEN, DAIRY PRODUCTS. Eggs