Healthy Baking Boxes

Have you been trying to get into more healthy eating habits? We know the journey is tough, but it could also be tasty!


Our Healthy Baking Subscription Boxes are great for beginners, enthusiasts and passionate bakers, who want to make a positive change in their lives. They are packed with ideas, inspiration and the ingredients you need to make these yummy healthy snacks and desserts.


If you have a toddler or a young child, this could be the perfect opportunity to bond while doing something together. Furthermore, you will be helping them build a strong base for a healthy lifestyle in the future.

Older children would enjoy a creative, fun and tasty activity, teaching them science, maths and important life skills.

Our subscription boxes are designed to match your level and interest in healthy baking. You could start with our Beginners Plan and if you like it, you can move on to the Enthusiast Baker plan with a new box and recipe every 2 weeks. For the most passionate bakers we offer to send boxes every week and truly feed that desire for a yummy, healthy living. 

Indulgent Baking Boxes

Our mission is to help children (and grown-ups) adopt healthier eating and living habits. We focus on healthy baking, but we know that life gets a little bit more exciting when you add a pinch of sugar once in a while. 

The Indulgent boxes are for people and families, who already have a healthy diet and allow themselves a treat sometimes. The recipes in these boxes include sugar, chocolate and other yummy temptations you wouldn't have on regular basis. 

They could be used as a reward activity for children's achievements or a celebration event at home. But generally, you don't need a special reason to give yourself an endorphin rush once a month.  

We will send you your box every month, but you can save money by choosing a longer duration plan. 

See what our customers say!

"Wonderful cooking class with a warm and engaging teacher. This class has got my daughter much more engaged with cooking and ingredients-can’t reccomend highly enough

— Leah 

“The three-year-old son was very happy with his first experience. Thank you for having a great time”

— Marie

“My son loves baking. Finally we found a teacher who teach what really stands behind baking. He now loves to try the Monthly Subscription Healthy Box”

— Aya

“I have subscribed to the Baking Club. I love the idea of learning through baking”

— Lisa

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